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About Us

Thank you for visiting Zahwee Closet Blings, a trendsetting online store showcasing Paparazzi Accessories and Jewelry. Fabulous, Fashionable, Fun pieces for only $5.00. We also have an Exclusive Zi- Collection Line for $25.00 each.  That's Paparazzi Accessories for ya.. New styles are always added to ensure a constant variety. Shop anytime because we have  pieces that can fit any ocassion and any budget. You can even look like a million bucks without breaking the bank. Find that perfect pop of color here or fall in love with a new statement piece, even step out of your comfort zone. Just try one of our hottest trends of the season. It's all up to you. Check us out and start shopping now. It time to get some PapaFash on....


My Story

My name is Jacqueline De Riggs. I am an Independent Consultant with Paparazzi Accessories-Consultant #270644. I just needed to do something different, something bold, something that took me out of my comfort zone, and I found Paparazzi  Accessories. It was like a match made in Heaven. 

Paparazzi Accessories is helping me to realize my "Why". To be a mentor, a role model and to be financially liberated. As a Paparazzi Consultant, I am able to be and do better. My greatest hope is that others will be inspired to do the same. 

I am building my Empire with one piece of accessory at a time. I am Captain of my own ship. I decide how much I want to earn. The possibilities are endless. 

Just to borrow a saying from my Paparazzi Family, " I am just an ordinary girl changing the world $5.00 at a time." "I am blessed by God and spoiled by Paparazzi." 

I am Born to Win, Success is a must. 

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